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North America

Eliezer D. Gonzalez – Yulee, Florida

Eliezer Gonzalez is an international teacher and speaker on themes of leadership, missions and family.¬† He was a pastor in Venezuela, his native country, and the USA, for 25 years before God called him to full time missions.¬† He is recognized as “pastor of pastors” and is widely respected wherever he goes.¬† He holds a Master of Theology from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry (Honoris Causa) from Jeruslaem University, Chennai, India.¬† He has taught in some thirty countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and all the Americas.


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Bob and Wanda McRae – Laurel Springs, New Jersey

Bob and Wanda lived in and ministered to the people of Guatemala for over twenty five years developing a dynamic ministry.  They now live in New Jersey overseeing Cedar Lane Mission Homes as associate director to be in charge of construction of new homes, oversight of facilities, and best of all pastoral care to missionaries on furlough.  They also travel back to Guatemala three to four times a year to oversee the ministry there. 

CLF in Guatemala offers Bible training by extension using materials by Source of Light and presently they offer seven courses covering the Christian Life, doctrines, specific books of the Bible, sharing your faith, as well as one offering guidance for youth in dating relationships.  There are over 100 cadets from the policy academy who are enrolled in the Bible courses.

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Paul and Barbara Wrenn – Clarksville, Tennessee

Paul and Barbara live full time in Tennessee but work full-time traveling around the country and abroad spreading the good news of the Gospel.  Paul uses his talents world wide, holding several strength titles gives him a different and interesting avenue to open doors in telling others about Christ. 

Paul travels throughout the year visiting many different prision facilities introducing Christ to a lost population.  He also speaks in churches all over the country year round.  He has been known to demonstrate his great strength to an audience of thousands having the opportunity to coincide the Gospel with his God given talent.

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 Jonathan and Erimar Pierson  РDes Plaines, Illinois

Since 2001 Jonathan has been involved in missions trips to Venezuela and he answered God’s call to go into full time ministry in 2007.  Jonathan met his wife Erimar in Venezuela and they were married in December 2008.

They served there in Venezuela for two and a half years and were recently offered a pastoral position in a Hispanic church in Des Plaines, IL where they are currently serving. They will be working to establish this new church and train them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan’s personal life mission is ‚ÄúTo serve Christ with PASSION; to magnify and exalt Christ in the preaching and teaching of His Word through disciplining those who desire to go and do likewise.‚ÄĚ


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St. Ange and Evelyne Monestime – Cap-Haitian, Haiti

St. Ange and Evelyne and their two children are serving the people in Cap-Haitian by preaching, teaching, disciplining and ministering on a full-time basis.  St. Ange is the pastor of Hope Baptist Church, and they recently celebrated their 12th Anniversary.  Over the last twelve years thousands have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, planted six other local churches, established a primary Christian school, an alphabetization school (where adults are taught freely how to read and write) and a Bible school.

They are so grateful to the Lord for using them to accomplish all these things in order to make a difference for Him in Haiti.


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Karl & Ann Olsson – Port au Prince, Haiti

Karl and Ann began their journey in Haiti with work-teams in 1984, and in 1998 they moved to Port au Prince to begin their ministries in various ways – working with adoptions, organizing seminars for Haitian pastors, and 10 years as Pastor at Quisqueya Chapel, an international non-denominational church. In 2010 after the earthquake they joined with Convoy of Hope as ‘Field Associates-Haiti’. Today 80,000 children receive a good meal every school day, many farmers are working their farms to grow crops again, and water filters are distributed to families and villages for safe and clean water which brings improved health. Much as been accomplished, much more needs to be done.


It takes people like you to pray and support them for their work in Haiti, and Karl and Ann are grateful that you and Christian Light Ministries are working together to help them as they ‘Stand in the Gap’ (SIG) for Haiti and her people.

Dorothy Pearce – Port au Prince, Haiti

Dorothy was called to Haiti in 2003 and like so many others, God had a journey prepared that would be different¬†from her original plan.¬† She founded “Faith-Hope-Love Infant Rescue”, this ministry leans toward the most vulnerable- infant and small children with serious medical issues.¬† Without this ministry, these children would have no hope for survival.¬† In addition to telling people about God’s love, she demonstrates that love by addressing their most urgent needs.¬† Since the devastating earthquake the number of children and infants has increased significantly.

Dorothy encounters great obstacles and set backs daily but she continues to praise God for His provision, because she knows that praise gives substance to faith. http://dorothypearcehaiti.blogspot.com

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Allyson Hemric – Port au Prince, Haiti

Allyson has been actively involved in missions her entire life.¬† Over the last three years, she has traveled to Haiti several times to serve with the local missionaries in Port au Prince.¬†¬† Allyson is now stepping out in faith to follow God’s call for long-term missions in Haiti.¬† She will be working with Dorothy Pearce at the Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue, as well as serving with other missionaries in the area.¬† Allyson has a deep love for serving the Haitian people and supporting local missionaries in sharing Christ’s love.

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Marie Prinvil – Dessources, Haiti

Marie is a native of Haiti reaching out to the children in her community through child care and sponsorship as well as an outreach center.¬† She is the founder of the El Shaddai Children’s Home and Christian School¬†where her ministry continues to grow.¬†They plant gardens which produce vegetables for the home as well as the neighborhood.¬† They have goats and chickens which supplies milk and eggs for the children.¬†

God has done amazing things in the home and school as well as in the local church.  Marie thanks God for His faithfulness to this ministry and she continues to be in awe of His blessings.


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Emory and Mary Wilson – Gonaives, Haiti

How could Emory and Mary know that when they left for the mission field in 2007 that they would encounter the most difficult challenge in their life!  In September 2008 Haiti was pummeled by four major storms and due to weak soil conditions and the devastation of these storms within less than four weeks, Gonaives experienced massive flooding.  Even though they lost everything, they looked to God for their refuge and strength and rebuilt their ministry.

Emory and Mary continue to bring the good news of the Gospel to the people of Gonaives.  They continually have teams come and rebuild the school, run medical clinics, give away Bibles and help feed the people.  People continue to come to know Jesus in the midst of many problems, homes and lives are being reconstructed one at a time. http://love4haiti.blogspot.com/


Noel and Ann Harrison – Kingston, Jamaica

Noel and his wife Ann are ministering to the people of Jamaica with church planting and teaching the Word of God.  Since Noel retired from the Department of Correctional Services he has also been very active in working with the Department and local government visiting, teaching, preaching and disciplining within the prison system.  Noel states that what weighs heavy on his heart is the lack of resources that are needed to carry out his ministry in order to reach the lost for Christ.  Noel is particularly burdened for this generation of young people.


Jim and Susie Horne – Mombasa, Kenya

Jim and Susie arrived in Kenya in 1977 and have been training nationals for the ministry thru Crossroads Baptist Bible Institute.¬† Over the years¬†more than 150 churches have been established through this ministry.¬† The churches¬†vary in size from¬†50 to over 500 people.¬† Several of the churches have day care, nursery schools and primary schools.¬† Jim is the founding pastor of Crossroads Fellowship,¬†a church in the heart of the largest housing estate in Mombasa.¬† The church began in 2002¬†with a handful of people, the church now averages 750 each Sunday morning.¬† This city church is designed to be a “church-planting-church”.

In 2002¬†Operation Give Hope was born establishing primary schools.¬† The schools are an effort to aide the churches to reach souls for Christ.¬† The schools began with 1st grade and then added a grade each year until both now have a full program from Kg 1,2,3 to 8th grade.¬† For information on the schools ministry please go to:¬† www.operationgivehope.org.¬† Susie’s ministry has been varied in these 34 years in Kenya.¬† She has done everything from teaching English and Music in the Bible Institute to teaching Sunday School and ministering with her gift of music.

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William and Florence Ssentumbwe – Uganda

As natives of Uganda, William and Florence work mainly in prisons, schools and churches reaching Ugandans for Christ through evangelism, film ministry, Bible and tract distribution and Bible studies.  They provide counseling to those in need as well as hold HIV/Aids and Sex Education Seminars.

William’s mission is to glorify God by introducing the free gift of salvation and spiritual blessings to all people especially in prisons and schools.

Far East

Heinz and Nancy Fussle

Heinz has been involved in Christian Film Making since 1963.  Heinz has developed and produced many films along with script translations in different languages.  He and his wife Nancy travel all around the Far East using these media tools praying for a continued bountiful harvest.



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 Rommel and Glo Gutierrez РPhilippines

Rommel and Glo with their three children work in Pangasinan, Philippines.  They are very active in church planting, leadership, evangelism and working with needy children assisting families in relief efforts.  They feel there is nothing more profitable than to serve the king of Kings through mission work.



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Les and Saralee Tilka – Cebu, Philippines

Les and Saralee have been serving in Cebu for over 15 years.¬† They have three children and the entire family is active in the ministry.¬† In 2005 they planted Quest Community Fellowship, a dynamic church that was greatly needed in their city.¬† They work with children all throughout the central region of the Philippines with child sponsorship programs and extensively with Operation Christmas Child under Samaritan’s Purse.


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 Dr. MK and Grace Thomas РKerala, India

Dr. Thomas and Grace founded an orphanage in Kerala, India that supports and ministers to over 60 children.  They also have a Bible School where they feed, house and teach students.  Dr. Thomas would like to continue the school but also start a seminary in the future.


South America

Faith and Sharon Dawson – Amazon Jungles, Venezuela

Faith and Sharon¬†grew up in¬†the village of ¬†Coshilowateli (Cosh)in the Jungle of Venezuela, their parents started this incredible ministry in 1953.¬† They founded a “Children’s Home” and have been taking in children for years who would have faced certain death without the love and dedication of these sisters.

It is not possible to find¬†sufficient words to express how difficult life is in the Jungle and the struggles they face every day.¬† Faith and Sharon put it this way, “You know, the more Yanomamo and Yekuana and any of the other indigenous people that we come in contact with, even the military personnel, the more who are won to Christ, the more HE will be glorified.”

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Joe and Millie Dawson – Amazon Jungles, Venezuela

Where do you begin to describe the amazing life and devotion of a young couple who were literally dropped off in the Jungle of Venezuela in 1953 with two small children and eventually raised ten children in the village of Coshilowateli (Cosh)!  They have experienced more trials, excitement, challenges, love, fear and ups and downs than one could possibly imagine. 

Even though they have slowed down considerably, they continue to do the work God placed on their hearts.¬† This is how they ended their recent newsletter, “Thank you each and every one for your faithful prayers and financial support down through the years.¬† It is by the grace of God and the faithfulness of His wonderful people that we are still here and still able to serve Him if only by the presence we present to His faithfulness.”¬† (For an in-depth look into their journey read Millie Dawson’s book All the Day Long.)

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Mike and Keila Dawson – Amazon Jungles, Venezuela

Mike and Keila and their daughter Mia are serving in the village of Coshilowateli (Cosh), Mike was raised in the Jungle and fluently¬†speaks the language of the Yanomamo people.¬† Mike’s story would fascinate beyond description the most avid reader and take you places you could never imagine.¬† Mike and Keila continue to minister to and serve the Yanomamo under conditions that the average person would have given up on a long time ago.¬†

The following quote states their adventure beautifully, “I’ve known the Dawsons for several years and rejoice in their great faith in God amid severe trials.¬† In spite of the obstacles of¬†primitive conditions, sickness, and death, they have persevered for the souls of the Yanomamo Indians in the¬†rain-forest of southern Venezuela.¬† Mike’s book I Can See the Shore, is a gripping life story of the triumph of missions with all its mega-challenges.”¬† Dr. George Sweeting, Chancellor Emeritus, Moody Bible Institute


Eastern Europe

Anya Izyumtseva – Kiev, Ukraine

Anya and her husband Leonid along with their four children have been influencing the future of Ukraine since 1994.  Anya is President of Hope in Education an International Organization connecting international and national educators for the purpose of sharing ideas and resource materials.  Their goal is to equip educators to reach the next generation by developing character, integrity, responsible citizens and healthier communities.

Through their seminars and strategy they are building relationships and bringing the good news of the Gospel to the people of Ukraine.


New Zealand

Curtis and Mimmie Estes – New Zealand

Curtis and Mimmie and their son Daniel have been ministering in New Zealand for over five years.  They provide morning and afternoon programs for children as well as run family, school and holiday camps.  Their main goal is to see Jesus touch the lives of both the children and their families.


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